Our Dogs

ROSCO, stud

Rosco as a puppy

Rosco is an AKC Mini Poodle. He is 13.5lbs and 14″ tall. He is a very sweet and affectionate boy who is great with children.

Bb Eme Ssp kyky atat DD mm

Embark clear aside from 1 copy IVDD. Confirmed by UC Davis IVDD/CDDY/CDPY panel. See link below:


He passed all OFA tests. Normal: eyes, patellas, heart, legg-calve perthes, and good hip prelims. Has two copies of strong furnishings per Pawprint Genetics. We are awaiting his final OFA hip results, vet predicted good rating.

Rosco has 2 copies of strong furnishings https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/26373/


At 13 months old
Valentino as a puppy

AKC Poodle red parti color, 55lbs, 24″. He is a quick learner with a low to medium energy level and a soft coat. He has clear genetic testing through Embark with two copies of strong furnishings confirmed by Pawprint Genetics and is verified clear for IVDD/CDDY/CDPA by UC Davis. He’s a sweet boy.

Live cover, side by side, or fresh chilled shipping available.

OFA Prelims for hips are Good and Elbows are normal. OFA eye & heart are normal.

Genetic colors: Bb ee spsp kbky ayat (carries brown, carries phantom, two copies of parti gene).

Click to see Valentino’s Clear Genetic test results:


Valentino’s Eye Certification
Valentino’s Heart Certification ❤️
Valentino’s hip results: Good
Valentino’s elbow results: Normal

Valentino has two copies of strong furnishings: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/24072/

Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles, at 4 months old
Mr. Pickles

Pickles is a moyen (medium size) AKC Poodle produced by our own Kona & Rosco. His temperament is stellar and our hopes for him include Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog certification. He is human focused, calm, highly motivated, has low sensitivity to sights and sounds, and has a high touch tolerance (he loves to be handled and snuggled).

He is expected to reach around 33lbs and is genetically clear. Born 7/23/22. Genetic colors are bb Ee Kbrky atat mm Ssp (carries red, phantom, and parti). He is a Brown Brindle point phantom.

He is waiting for pregnancy confirmation to be proven and is discounted until his first litter is born.

OFA/CAER Eyes: normal. Pennhip results are great with 0.28 & 0.31.

Pickle’s Eye Certification
Pickle’s hip certification

Click the link below for his clear genetic test results: