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Welcome to Golden State Good Dogs! We are excited to share our breeding program, our puppy raising methods, and our amazing dogs with you. We are located in the Bay Area on a beautiful property where we focus on raising our puppies to be the best family dogs they can be. We raise our puppies in home with a very specific puppy curriculum to raise confident, well mannered, well socialized family dogs. We currently are breeding Micro Bernedoodles, Medium size Chocolate Goldendoodles, and AKC Mini Poodles. 

Our Puppy Raising Methods


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is a routine Golden State Good Dogs has incorporated to raising our doodle puppies. We expose puppies from days 3-16 to aid with their development, resilience and coping mechanisms. 


It is crucial for puppy socialization and exposures to touch, site, sounds, smells and movement start as soon as puppies eyes are open. We have a daily to-do for each of our puppies to ensure they are receiving socialization beyond just being introduced to other people & animals.

Potty & Crate Trained

At a very young age we introduce both potty training and crate training. We encourage our puppies to potty in one place through providing a special potty spot. Once puppies start moving around we will introduce a crate and slowly get them used to being enclosed.

Temperament Testing

Part of our job as a breeder is to ensure we place the right puppy in the right type of home. We are looking to match puppies with families based on what families are looking for in a dog. For example, if you live in a small home and prefer to spend more of your time indoors, a high energy dog would not be the best match for you. In order for us to make the best matches, we observe and document temperament traits for each of our puppies.


Janelle was quick to respond to my initial inquiries and subsequent questions. She is an experienced breeder and a great resource. She sent updates with pictures and videos of the litter. Through my whole experience, it was clear to see everyone was well loved and cared for. They were quite the sweetest puppies ever! I highly recommend her.

Karonne C., Standard Poodle Mom

Best best breeder ever.  Janelle gave me everything I needed to start with a new puppy, shots were up to date and my now 5yr old goldendoodle is the best dog I could ever ask for.   I highly recommend them as a breeder!

Aimee A., Goldendoodle Mom

Our Proud Parents

Mr. Pickles


Golden State Good Dogs – Concord, CA 94520

Golden State Good Dogs offers incredibly well mannered, well tempered and well rounded Micro Bernedoodles, Medium size Chocolate Goldendoodles, and AKC Mini Poodles!


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