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ROSCO, stud

Rosco as a puppy

Rosco is an AKC Mini Poodle. He is 13lbs and 14″ tall. He is a very sweet and affectionate boy who is great with children.

Bb Eme Ssp kyky atat DD mm

Embark clear aside from 1 copy IVDD. Confirmed by UC Davis IVDD/CDDY/CDPY panel.



At 13 months old
Valentino as a puppy

AKC Poodle red parti color. His Mom is a Standard Poodle and his Dad is a Moyen. He is 45lbs at 14 months old. He is a quick learner with a low to medium energy level. He’s a sweet boy.

Live cover available, fresh chilled shipping available.

OFA Prelims for hips are Good and Elbows are normal. See images below. OFA Eyes & heart. His thorough genetic testing includes: clear Embark panel (see link below), 2 Copies of strong furnishings (Pawprint Genetics) and clear of IVDD/CDDY/CDPA (UC Davis).

Genetic colors: Bb ee spsp kbky ayat (carries brown, carries phantom, two copies of parti gene).

Click to see Valentino’s Clear Genetic test results:


Valentino’s good hip results
Valentino’s normal elbow results


Genetically clear moyen size brindle point phantom. This boy has a stellar temperament with a high motivation to work, calm energy, playful, affectionate, and is outgoing with new people. OFA Certified eyes, Pennhip 0.28 & 0.31 (excellent scores!).

Will make gorgeous Poodles, Bernedoodles or Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles. If bred to a tricolor / phantom puppies will be 50% phantom/ tan points & 50% brindle point.

Genetically estimated to reach 33lbs. Weighs 25lbs at 7 months old (Feb ’23).


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