About Your Breeder

Passion for dogs

Janelle is a second generation dog breeder. She grew up in a home that bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for conformation show events. When her own family began to grow, she decided to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy after she was unable to find a rescue dog that met all her criteria. And that’s where this all began. She is now raising our sixth litter Puppies. We have been thrilled with how the previous litters have turned out! One is even a service dog that works in a school every day with his human! A couple others have become emotional support animals and a personal therapy dog.

Raising with purpose is important to me. Most purebred dogs were originally bred for a job like hunting, herding, or protection or companionship. My goal in raising is first to create healthy, excellent pets who will be well adjusted members of the household. Part of this comes from selection of great parent dogs, but it doesn’t stop there. I go beyond choosing dogs with great temperaments and thorough health screenings by also adding early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, handling exercises, and foundational obedience into our advanced puppy curriculum during the critical first eight weeks of life. I’m happy to help with any questions you may have if you are considering bringing a puppy into your life. We are located in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

My other passion

My other love is for children, especially my own! I’m on an extended maternity leave (over a year now) from working as an Infant/Toddler Development Specialist. It’s interesting to me that I’m helping lay the foundation not only for well adjusted dogs, but humans as well. There is a comical amount of overlap between teaching puppies and toddlers.

Golden State Good Dogs – Concord, CA 94520

Golden State Good Dogs offers incredibly well mannered, well tempered and well rounded Micro Bernedoodles, Medium size Chocolate Goldendoodles, and AKC Mini Poodles!


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